Pedaling4Paws is different in how it deals with donations.

We have a simple rule: 100% of all donations go directly to the shelter of the donor’s choice.

Pedaling4Paws asks that each donor to go directly to the shelter they wish to donate to, either online or in person. Our Shelters section has a page for each shelter we support and we are happy to add other worthy shelters if our donors and supporters wish us to do so. We only ask that when a donation is made, please find a way to tell the shelter that the donation was prompted by Pedaling4Paws. That’s all we ask. You get the tax donation, you get the confidence your money or goods go directly to the place you picked!

For cyclists joining in a Pedaling4Paws multi-day event, we ask that each participant set aside a certain amount of money that they will donate, either before, during or immediately after the ride they participate in. This ensures that our rides are both fun and safe for us but also that they support the cause and make a genuine difference to the shelters we support. In most cases a 5-day event would include a $300 per rider minimum donation level. Whether riders donate their own money or get sponsors or supporters is up to them. We only care that they help make a difference!

Find your favorite shelter and Donate Today!